Cafe in Thomastown

Bean + Gone Espresso Cafe in Thomastown is a family-run cafe, serving locally roasted coffee beans and delicious food with both drive-thru and dine-in options.

Since 2014, they’ve been serving customers high quality produce and old school customer service from locations in both Reservoir and Thomastown.

    6am - 1:30pm
    6am - 1:00pm
    168 Mahoneys Rd,
  • Thomastown VIC 3074
    (03) 9462 3589

What is the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe in Thomastown?

Whether you’re in a hurry or looking to take your time, the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe in Thomastown is the perfect place to grab your coffee. You can sit down, take your time and soak in that warm and friendly cafe environment, or you can come through the Thomastown drive-thru and get that cafe experience in a fraction of the time.

What can I get at the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe in Thomastown?

At our cafe in Thomastown, we serve different kinds of coffee with various extras available; from different types of milk, extra shots or decaf, and even with separate coffee beans or milk bottles. If you have your own usual kind of coffee, you can get it at the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe. 

At the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe in Thomastown, we also have other kinds of beverages; including chai, teas, iced coffees, hot chocolate, smoothies, juice and even Kombucha.

Are you hungry? Complete your cafe order in Thomastown with our wide range of delicious foods, including all kinds of pastries, baked desserts, sandwiches and rolls, protein balls and bowls. 

Where is Thomastown (and the Bean & Gone Espresso Cafe)?

Thomastown is a North Melbourne suburb that’s about a half-hour drive from the Melbourne CBD. You’ll find the Bean & Gone Espresso Thomastown Cafe on the corner of Mahoneys Rd and Aylward Ave, close to landmarks such as LE Cotchin Reserve and Edgars Creek.